Learn about Sahebji Youth

What We Believe

Sahebji Youth represent the worldwide youth affiliated with Anoopam Mission, a socio-spiritual organization within the Hindu-Swaminarayan faith.

Taking inspiration and guidance from our Guru, Sant Bhagwant Sahebji, we incorporate traditional Swaminarayan values into our lives, and strive to be positive, constructive influences within our family, community and society.

Sahebji loves the youth unconditionally and this love has inspired us to always seek the divinity in every circumstance. Sahebji Youth live by his saying:

“Think Positive, Rest Will Follow.”

Core Values


We embrace diversity & strive to bring everyone together with a goal to serve God by serving humanity. We provide a positive & inclusive environment where youth feel comfortable to share opinions & express themselves freely.


We uphold values and principles set forth by our Hindu culture. We strive for transparency in our socio-religious philosophies. We believe in the importance of righteous living and being a positive influence on future generations.


We have a deep commitment to the idea of “leading by example.” We focus on fostering this philosophy demonstrated to us by our guru, Sahebji. We work to cultivate leadership qualities within our youth.


While our organization strives toward spiritual empowerment, we believe fun should be a part of everything we do. We include fun activities that build life-long friendships and create a positive, constructive outlook on life.

Our Mission

Sahebji Youth seek to live a God- and Guru-centered life, enriching the world through positive thought and action and selflessly serving humanity.

Fun facts